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Recorded at Amann studios in Vienna, Jealousy and Diamond is the debut by the trio Autistic Daughters.   The band is made up of Dean Roberts (guitar, vocals, harmonium and harmonica), Martin Brandlmayr (drums, vibraphone and electronics) and Werner Dafeldecker (electric and contrabass).    Basic tracks were recorded in Vienna in April 2003 by Roberts, Dafeldecker and Brandlmayr.  Dean Roberts recorded additional voices, guitars and miscellaneous instruments with Valerio Tricoli (who was such a crucial part of the recording of Roberts' debut kranky album Be Mine Tonight ) in Bologna , Italy in the fall of 2003.  The mastering of the album was finished in early summer 2004 by Patrick Pulsinger.
   The members of the band all have extensive connections in the improvised, electronic and rock scenes.  Having played as band together for quite some time, Autistic Daughters are more than a "project".  The group plans on European touring in support of Jealousy and Diamond in late 2004 and early 2005.  Staubgold is releasing the album on vinyl.

Dean Roberts began working with Werner Dafeldecker (Polwechsel) and Martin Brandlmayr (Trapist/ Radian) on a new album in the spring of 2003. Live performances and recording sessions saw the development of a definite band dynamic and the trio decided to take on a proper band name to reflect the three way creative input. In April 2003 the new trio, christened Autistic Daughters, began recording at Chrisopher Amann's studio in Vienna, Austria. Then, in a period from October through December 2003 Dean Roberts did additional recordings with Valerio Tricoli (who was so instrumental to the success of Be Mine Tonight) in Bologna Italy. Werner Dafeldecker and Dean Roberts mixed the album, Patrick Pulsinger mastered it and Jealousy and Diamond was sent off to kranky.

Given Werner Dafeldecker's experience in improvised music as a member of Polwechsel and Martin Brandlmayr's position in two bands that ably balance rock and electronics (Trapist and Radian) Autistic Daughters are very much more than Dean Roberts plus rhythm section. As Roberts told dB magazine while on tour in Australia in Feb. 2004;

    "Our capabilities instrumentally and compositionally, in engineering and production match, and moreover our friendship keeps it all together.
     We are able to say and do what we want, and the vision is entirely collective."

The seven tracks on the trio's debut, Jealousy and Diamond, continue the exploration and mutation of the rock song roberts undertook on Be Mine Tonight. It is the band's first statement. Autistic Daughters plan some European touring in late 2004 and early 2005.

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