Roy Montgomery began his collaboration with Chris Heaphy when Dadamah broke up in 1993.  Having moved to Christchurch New Zealand, Montgomery played and recorded with Dissolve, recording the bulk of That That Is...Is (Not) in July 1993 with a little studio time used in early 1994 and the final mix done ten days before Roy Montgomery left NZ for an extended trip to North America.

As Montgomery told Your Flesh;  "We wanted to try something that just involved guitars and which was more soundscape than song-oriented.  We tried to keep things simple and most of what you hear is relatively unadorned -  first takes, for better or worse."

When he was visiting Chicago in June of 1994, Roy Montgomery handed kranky a tape of the Dissolve album and we were happy to put it out.

Fred Mills wrote the following about the first Dissolve album in the June/July 1995 issue of Magnet:

    "At base Montgomery and Heaphy explore skeletal guitar structures -sparse picking over chords, subtle echoes and drones, fizzy feedback interludes, odd but not unpleasant tunings - in hopes of provoking emotional and contemplative states... There are moments of stunning, pre-cathartic tension - 'Wire' rumbles and booms like a thunderstorm about to break or a space probe about to launch, but the orgy of backwards effects and low feedback perversely never give you that satisfaction.  And there's the other extreme, a womb-like and  (dare I say it?) opiated glow - 'Encounter' is seven minutes' worth of oscillating, reverby chimes whose simple melodies are as rich as the sun is bright."

Roy Montgomery's trip across the United States and to Guatemala yielded a wealth of recordings, many completed while he apartment sat in New York City.  Some of this work became a solo album on kranky called Temple IV as well as singles and albums for some other labels.   

When Roy Montgomery returned to New Zealand in 1996 he met up with Chris Heaphy to continue work on Dissolve.  Third Album for the Sun features contributions form bassist Arnie Van Bussel and Terminals drummer John Christoffels along with some wonderful vocals from Kaye Woodward of The Bats.

Opprobrium described the album in December 1997:

     "Third Album For The Sun is an excellent follow-up to the band's debut release and an album that shows a marked maturation in the pair's tandem playing style and musical creativity... The interplay between Montgomery and Heaphy's guitr playing is challenging and sympathetic, excited and tranquil.  The overall sound of Third Album For The Sun is much more tuneful and lush than That That Is... Is (Not)..."

Montgomery and Heaphy got together to record music from a play that Roy Montgomery had accompanied in 1996 and 1997.

True is credited to Roy Montgomery/Chris Heapy and was released on kranky in spring 1999.

Andrew Carden wrote in Mojo that

    "True is a hypnotic, reverberating mix of solo guitar pieces and duets with Montgomery's partner in Dissolve, Chris Heaphy.  Together, they've created an atmospheric, filmic set reminiscent of Ry Cooder's  Paris, Texas and Southern Comfort scores, or Neil Young's dark, distorted Dead Man soundtrack.  Best taken as a whole, True's delay-heavy guitars draw you into the open spaces and languid depths they evoke."

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