we are now slowly but surely adding our titles to bandcamp where for $1 more than you would pay here on our website you get a download with every purchase of a CD or LP!

for more frequent news updates and lots more info, please check our facebook page

kranky will be releasing ana roxanne’s new album ‘because of a flower’ in november. order a copy today.

we will be issuing a vinyl edition of loscil ‘coast/range/arc//‘ as a 2LP set. pre-order your copy now.

we are repressing the long out of print self-titled album from Aix Ex Klemm [feat. members of Stars of the Lid/ Labradford]. you can pre-order a copy now if it's not already in your collection in advance of the Oct2 street date.

we have been hard at work every day since the plague descended and it’s time for a break. the kranky HQ will be closed for two weeks starting on monday the 13th and we hope and expect, dog willing, to be back in the office and at work on monday the 27th. you are welcome to place orders, send demos, and ask questions during this period, but just know that nothing will be dealt with until the 27th at the earliest. we thank you for your consideration and understanding. keep your heads down and stay safe, shit be crazy...

mj guider has prepared a second album for us in the form of sour cherry bell. pre-order a copy on your preferred format now.

After a series of delays from manufacturing shutdown, we are back to announce Less Bells second album for the label. pre-order your copy of Mourning Jewelry today.

Windy & Carl are back with their first full-length album in 8 years. You can pre-order Allegiance and Conviction on various formats now.

PLEASE NOTE! the offices of kranky will be closed from december 16th through the 25th and we will resume normal business on thursday the 26th. you are welcome to place orders while we are closed, but they will not be shipped until the 26th or 27th day of this month. thank you.

mark nelson returns with a new pan american album this fall. pre-order your copy of a son now.

we are bringing grouper's landmark sister albums, a i a: dream loss and a i a: alien observer back in to print on vinyl for the first time since 2012. pre-order your copies now.

Scott Morgan's loscil returns with a beautiful 2xLP set entitled Equivalents. order your copy today.

we have been hearing from some people for some time that some more krank014 Bowery Electric-Beat 2LP being pressed up was necessary, and we have taken these comments into consideration and decided that this was a good idea. available now once again at our catalog page.

and in the near future we will have some news about numerous exciting new releases, just cool your jets for now, all in due time

Jacob Long's latest languorous long-player as Earthen Sea has been unveiled for release this June: Grass and Trees. Peruse some audio and pre-order now

good news for vinyl fans! for the first time in quite some time we finally found the time to get the krank162 Mirrorring album repressed on the analog format. for those a little slower on the uptake, this is the 2012 release from the duo of Jesy Fortino (Tiny Vipers) and Liz Harris (Grouper) which has been unavailable on vinyl for far too long.

also plus too… we just got a fresh pressing of the classic Grouper - Dragging Dead Deer... vinyl LP back in stock after a brief intermission.

go to the catalog page to get copies direct from kranky.

already bearing big news in this relatively new calendar year: Anoyo, a companion album to Tim Hecker's landmark 2018 work, Konoyo, has just been announced and is up for pre-order here.

after more than 6 months of waiting, we finally have the krank183 Tim Hecker-Virgins 2LP vinyl set back in stock along with a fresh pressing of the krank154 Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972 2LP set, order away kiddies!

just a friendly reminder that we have one of the only christmas albums worth listening to in our catalog here, that would be krank153 Low-Christmas album. now considered a holiday classic, it consists of 4 originals, 4 covers, and not a hint of cynicism or irony. it’s the best antidote to the schmaltz you will hear wherever you go over the next month. both vinyl and cd versions available here.

we here at kranky HQ are going to take a few extra days off on both sides of the thanksgiving holiday, starting on the 20th and ending on the 27th of this month. you are welcome to place mail orders during this time and we will get it out the door on the 28th or 29th. thank you.

as most of you must be aware by now, we are not ones to blow our own horns or demand attention from... well anyone. but it is an incontrovertible fact that this fall marks the 25th anniversary of our first release by the incomparable Labradford, that single step setting us off on a journey and destination we never could have foreseen. to mark this accomplishment we have prepared a series of live events in conjunction with the nice folks at ambient church to be held in portland, chicago, los angeles and nyc over the next two months showcasing a number of artists we work with. full details on the services and advance tickets are available here: we hope you are able to join us for one or more of these special benedictions.

we are going to take a (well deserved) break this coming week of october 15-19 and then get back to the grindstone on monday 10.22.18. you are welcome to place mail orders during this time but they will not be mailed until the 22nd, sorry for any disappointment.

the 22nd is also the date we start shipping the debut album from Saloli. entitled The Deep End, it is a series of warm, minimalist meditations played live on an analog synth keyboard, which is just about the most radical thing you can do with a synthesizer these days. you can check out two tracks now at our soundcloud page

and the final bit of news for 2018… we will be reissuing the second loscil album Submers on vinyl for the first time on 11.23.18. stretched across four sides, this 2002 masterpiece can finally be enjoyed via analog playback systems at home and at your favorite dj night. we will begin taking pre-orders now here, and we start shipping copies the monday of release week as always.

see you back here in a week...

our third and final new signing for this year is portland or synthesist, saloli. pre-order your copy of her debut, the deep end now.

in the wake of our recent 2xLP reissues of Radio Amor and Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again we're pleased to announce Tim Hecker's proper return to the label with a brand new full-length recorded in Japan utilizing a traditional gagaku ensemble: Konoyo. pre-order now for worldwide release date September 28th. Hecker will also stage a series of special performances in tandem with the album's release in Tokyo, London, Krakow, and Berlin.

also: we are taking a little summer break here over the next week plus, so no mail orders will go out during this time. you can still place an order, normal operations will resume on friday august 10th and we will catch up on shipping asap then. thank you for your patience.

today we present to you our second new signing of the year in the form of the debut full length from Less Bells. pre-order a copy of Solifuge now.

we're pleased to announce the second full-length from visionary new york synth trio, forma for the label
to be released july20th. pre-order yours now.

we are celebrating Tim Hecker's forthcoming new kranky album to be released this fall with remastered reissues of two classic albums this summer. Tim's 2001 full length debut Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again and the 2003 follow-up Radio Amor will be released on 2LP vinyl and cd on july 6th, 2018 along with a new CD version of his 2004 classic Mirages to go along with the 2LP vinyl we reissued in 2013. all of these titles and formats have been out of print for far too long. pre-order your copies now. more info on Tim's new album will be trickling out courtesy kranky over the next few months, keep your ears peeled.

an essentail pair of new titles are now available for pre-order. christina vantzou 'no.4' and grouper 'grid of points' will surely make this april a month to remember here at kranky. reserve your copies today.

in a long overdue move, the Stars of the Lid-Gravitational Pull Vs. the Desire for an Aquatic Life is finally being reissued on vinyl by kranky. originally pressed and released in 1996 by the Sedimental label, it sold out in fairly quick fashion. newly remastered, this gem of an album will finally back in print in analog form and will have a release date of march 30th, and pre-orders are available now here.

double dogdamn! more vinyl restocks kids, this time the first Winged Victory... album and the most recent Steve Hauschildt full length, so have at it!

dogdamn! in something of a post-holiday miracle, one of the vinyl pressing plants we use found a few hundred unused jackets for the krank047 Labradford - fixed:context LP, so we had them press vinyl and filled them and these are now available once again for however long stock lasts!

good news for vinyl fans as after a long hiatus we have both the Atlas Sound - Logos LP and the Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange EP back in stock and ready for purchase

proud to announce that Dedekind Cut is joining the kranky roster and will be issuing a full-length in early 2018, Tahoe, which is available for pre-order now. it will be one of a slew of kranky offerings slated for the start of the new year, expect news on them in due time and as before the kranky Bandcamp page is being steadily updated with deep catalog releases, all available with high-quality digital downloads.

after a brief absence, we have just received vinyl LP restocks on the following titles:
krank046 Low-Things We Lost in the Fire 2LP
krank050 Stars of the Lid-Tired Sounds of… 3LP
krank100 Stars of the Lid-And Their Refinement of the Decline 3LP

all now available to order on our catalog page

the proverbial bad news/good news post here, with the good news being that the good news outweighs the bad news by a good margin. the krank209 Demen-Nektyr vinyl LP will not be here for the may 19th release date, but should be arriving next tuesday or wednesday the 23rd of 24th. all in all the news could be a lot worse considering the problems inherent in and lengthy time involved in manufacturing vinyl these days. we will ship all pre-orders asap, as we always do. thanks you for your patience if this notification speaks directly to you.

after several years anticipation we're finally able to unveil the breathtaking debut by reclusive Swedish chanteuse, Demen. entitled Nektyr, the album is a lulling, lush, lost-in-sorrow masterpiece of shadowed mood and eerie beauty. gorilla vs bear described her record as swooning between "glacial otherworldly elegies" and "mournful, chasmic darkness." one song is currently streaming on our soundcloud and it's available for pre-order in both vinyl and compact disc formats via our website and bandcamp. release date is 05.19.17.

it’s a good day in krankyland when we can announce a new Anjou album. the duo is composed of Mark Nelson (Labradford, Pan•American) and Robert Donne (Labradford, Aix Em Klemm, Cristal), and Epithymía is the follow-up to their self-titled debut on kranky from late 2014. krank207 unfurls in a full hour of mesmeric synthetic drift and veiled melodic undertow, evoking a shadowed, mysterious mood, variously melancholy and transcendent. check out the first track previewed on our soundcloud page. we will start taking pre-orders now here and at bandcamp where you get the digital for $1 more, release date is 03.24.17 and mail orders will be shipped the week of release.

long time coming repress of the krank141 loscil-Endless Falls 2LP is finally back in stock

we finally have some good news regarding the krank204 loscil-Monument Builders LP, and that is that it should be shipping to us from the pressing plant on monday the 19th, which means we should get everyone’s pre-order out the door by the friday the 23rd or monday the 26th. thank you for your collective patience in this matter and for the very few questions we have had to field regarding the seemingly endless delay.

double the good news, double the fun! we are announcing two new releases today as well as beginning to take pre-orders for both.

continuing our vinyl reissue program for loscil and other kranky klassics long unavailable on the format or never previously available, we present loscil's third full length First Narrows in all its 2LP glory. considered by the internet intelligentsia as either one of his best works or the absolute best (we won't enter that debate), suffice it to say it is one of the most enjoyable listens in the loscil oeuvre. at the time of original release, Plan B called it "A barbit-blanket-blankout of atmospheria that quietly gets on with being gently unprepossessing. And that ain't easy." we will start taking pre-orders here now, and the good news is that we already have finished copies in house so there will be no endless pressing plant delays with this. release date for this will be 02.17.17, the same as for the new Earthen Sea album, so you should definitely order them together.

second up is the first collaboration between Scott Morgan, better known as loscil, and Mark Bridges who may be unknown to you but who is an accomplished, classically trained cellist. the duo forthwith known as High Plains delivers their stunning debut Cinderland on march 31, 2017 to the unprepared masses (that's you). the two met up in the high country of Saratoga, Wyoming in early 2016 to record, and the results are a site-specific, wide-scope view of the high valley terrain the duo worked in; a mix of analog and digital, neoclassical and modern electronic sounds, a complemental series of tracks to become absorbed in, a truly deep listening experience. sound samples will be trickling out at soon and pre-orders are being taken here now.

we are pleased to announce the signing of and the first kranky release by Earthen Sea. krank208 is entitled An Act of Love, and it is a compelling synthesis of shadowy rhythms and opaque atmospherics, drawing on the most potent qualities of melancholic ambient and dub techno. tinymixtapes said this morning that "An Act of Love is accordingly both delicate and foreboding, a cautious affirmation of life and an acknowledgement of a still-looming sense of vulnerability." you can check out a track on our soundcloud page here:, and we will be posting more there before release date. you can pre-order the CD and LP here, or go to bandcamp to pay an extra $1 and get the digital version and the ability to listen on the bandcamp streaming app. official release date is 02.17.17, and, as always, we will begin mailing out pre-orders the week of release.

ATTENTION! kranky is going to take advantage of the upcoming holiday weekend and extend it into a longer rest and relaxation period which commences on thursday november 24th and ends on wednesday november 30th. what this means to you, dear possible mail order customer, is that any orders received after november 22nd will not be processed and mailed until until december 1st or 2nd. thank you for your understanding. have a lovely holiday weekend if you celebrate that kind of thing in your locale.

another fairly good run of meeting release dates for vinyl has ended as we now have run into a veritable wall with the krank204 loscil-Monument Builders LP. who knows what the pressing plant is doing at the moment, but it’s certainly not making much progress on this job 6 months after they received the original lacquer cut. i can’t say when we will get finished copies at this point as we are that far from the proverbial finish line, but we will update here as more news becomes available.

on the plus side, the new loscil-Monument Builders CD and digital version are now available along with the krank014 Bowery Electric-Beat 2LP reissue which celebrated its 20th birthday today.

we will now post pre-order links here for the following:

krank205 is Strands, the fourth Steve Hauschildt album on kranky coming on the heels of his fall 2015 Where All Is Fled release. the songs fluctuate from the serene calm of album opener Horizon of Appearances, to the pulsing hypnosis of Ketracel, and on to searing grandeur of album closer Die in Fascination. throughout, Steve remains restrained and in complete control of his sound. this is slated for release on october 28 and as always, we will start mailing out mail order copies at the beginning of the week of release.

krank204 is the loscil-Monument Builders album, the 8th kranky release for this vancouver sound designer extraordinaire following Sea Island from late 2014. we don’t know what to say about loscil at this point other than that he has carved out a singular position in the sound galaxy and that he never fails to disappoint. this is scheduled for release on november 11.

krank014 is an old favorite made new yet again. Bowery Electric-Beat was the second of a trio of albums the group did before floating away and is their definitive artistic statement. the album is a lush and dense mantra of shadowy percussion, barely-there vocals and immersive drones that envelops the listener in an opiated blanket of sound. this is the first time this album has been issued on vinyl in north america and the first time it has been available on the format in almost 2 decades. this is also slated for release on november 11th, exactly 20 years to the day of the original release.

you can check out tracks from all of the above as well as older releases on our soundcloud page

and as an alternative, you can go to our bandcamp page and also pre-order these new releases there for $1 more, and as a bonus you get a free download and that bandcamp stream anywhere app thing too. we are also adding back catalog titles at bandcamp as quickly as we can, but it will take a while for that to be completed.

october 14th of this year finds a new Benoit Pioulard release. krank203 is The Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter, his 6th album for kranky and 10 years on from his debut for us. Listening Matter continues his pursuit of a sonic perfection venn diagramming melancholy acoustic folk, electronic ambience and field recordings.

pre-orders are being taken now here and we will start shipping mail orders on monday october 10th.

we will now begin taking pre-orders for the krank202 Forma-Physicalist 2LP and CD. this is their third full length and first since 2012, as well as their first for kranky. gorgeous and beguiling analog and synthesized instrumentals with a definite late 70’s krautrock vibe that boomkat described as "Wide-eyed cosmic highway music..." in their preview. there are two tracks posted on our soundcloud page, go check them out for a more informative description. the official release date is 09.23.16 and we will start shipping pre-orders on tuesday the 20th, pre-order here at the catalog page.

this friday arrives with the release of the MJ Guider-Precious Systems album on all of the usual formats, LP, CD and digital. some extraordinarily nice reviews are coming in:

"I could listen to this looped on repeat for hours and I swear it would actually help me retain my sanity.” Norman Records UK

"A gossamer unwinding in the metropolis.” Flood Magazine

"Hers is an isolated, starkly blissful sound of an ilk that really only comes around every so often in these sublime proportions. No need to over egg this; it’s just a divine piece of work, warranting your immediate attention.” Boomkat

we are shipping copies now, and you can head over to our soundcloud feed to listen to three tracks in full:

ATTENTION! kranky is going to embark on a much needed rest and relaxation period which commences on friday june 24th and ends on tuesday july 5th. what this means to you, dear possible mail order customer, is that any orders received after june 23rd will not be processed and mailed until until the first full week of july. thank you for your understanding.

after some extended difficulties with vinyl production our next release is finally set. krank201 is the "Precious Systems" album by MJ Guider, the first widely available release from this new orleans artist. employing heavy washes of bass and a deft touch in mixing, she uses stark contrasts to construct a semi-surreal aural space, creating songs that exist in a wholly contained sound environment; minimal yet lush, spare yet saturated, and most importantly, entirely compelling. this is set for release on july 15th, and you can pre-order now here. check out the lead track:

on the ‘more good news’ front, we have the perennial favorite krank155 Belong LP back in stock and ready for purchase

after waiting almost 11 months, we finally have the krank176 Grouper-Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill LP back in stock, what a nightmare...

in a long overdue move we finally found the time to reprint quite a few t-shirts and hoodies that have been long unavailable, including one that has not been scene since... well, let’s just say it was one of the earliest t-shirts we ever had printed, the second to be precise. we also have the all-time best selling "going nowhere slow" back in stock in all sizes and styles. all t-shirts and hoodies have a snappy slogan on the front and and the kranky logo on the back, all t-shirts have white printing on black shirts, and all hoodies have black printing on black hoods for that ‘metal’ look that transcends taste. the prices are slightly higher than before, but we are basically selling these for cost + postage as we figure if you want to advertise your good taste in organized sound (and of course promote our brand) then it is our duty to make that happen for as low a price as possible. interested? then go to the clothing page at our website here and check out the designs new and old.

good news kids, the vinyl pressing plant has finally seen fit to ship the krank199 Christina Vantzou vinyl LP to us and we should have them here on friday this week barring weather/shipping delays. we will commence mailing out pre-orders as soon as we get them in house and will let everyone know when their respective order hits the post office. thank you for your patience.

november 6 sees the release of the fourth Christopher Bissonnette album, krank197. Pitch, Paper & Foil continues Christopher's explorations of the analog synth he assembled and finds him delivering a master class in economy and control. the vinyl, as is per the new norm, is delayed and as of this moment we do not have a ship date even to estimate. you may pre-order the vinyl version with the understanding that we will mail it as soon as we get them which may be a month, maybe longer, we currently have no idea.

UPDATE: on the vinyl front, where there is rarely any good news, we have some good and some more of the bad variety, first the bad. we still have no word on when the krank199 Christina Vantzou-N°3 2LP will ship to us at this late date. as soon as we know something we will pass that info along.

for the good news, we have that seasonal all-time classic back in stock on vinyl LP, the krank153 Low-Christmas release, one of the only holiday albums that bears repeated, and even non-seasonal listening. head to the catalog or Low artist page for links to purchasing that directly from us via mail order.

october 16th is the release date for the third Christina Vantzou album, the fittingly titled N°3. lovingly assembled over the past two years by melding synths and electronics with classical instruments, including recordings with a 15-piece ensemble of strings, horns, woodwinds and micro-choir. the tracks vacillate between orchestral, ambient soundscapes and more structured works, all heading in the direction of otherworldly drones surrounded by soft, subtle and sometimes intense veils. The Wire in their recent review noted "The becalmed and becalming instrumentals of N°3 strike a delicate balance between classical minimalism and the drone end of rock. These compositions glow and glide in their somnolent and spellbinding beauty, unsullied by rock god trappings." the vinyl is running late as is usual these days, we will start taking pre-orders now, begin mailing CD copies from our warehouse the week of release and the vinyl 2LP as soon as we get it which at the moment looks to be a week or two late.

well apparently the logjams at various vinyl pressing plants have finally loosened ever so slightly, and we now have these three vinyl titles back in stock:
krank114 Atlas Sound-Let the Blind... 2lp
krank157 A Winged Victory for the Sullen-s/t LP
krank191 loscil-Sea Island 2LP

good news for the vinyl obsessive amongst you kranky fans, october 16th sees the first time release of krank096 loscil-Plume on the vinyl format, in this case a 2LP set. this is the oldest loscil title for which there was originally no vinyl release, and at some point we hope to issue the earlier titles on vinyl too. Plume is also a marker for some loscil fans, a good portion of that crowd considering it either his breakthrough in perfectly defining his singular style, his finest work, or both. at the time of release, XLR8R had this to say: "Composed with perfect amounts of subtle delay, layer upon layer of blissful chimes, and plenty of space, Plume makes for a quintessential escape from life's daily rushes." pretty good assessment. we are awaiting word on when this will ship from the pressing plant, but the last info we received is that this was actually on press so we hope to have it here in the next two weeks. we will start taking pre-orders now here, and news updates on arrival will be posted here and on our facebook webthing here.

september 25th sees the release of Steve Hauschildt's third kranky album, Where All Is Fled. the album is a pristine series of cascading melodies, fantastical terrains of layered lattices, and overlapping patterns of synthesizers superimposed with orchestral instrumentation, in which each sound is given it's own place and space, never hurried, never cluttered. we know this is said a lot about a large number of albums from a lot of different artists on the scene, but we sincerely feel this is Steve's finest solo work to date, a modern kosmische milepost.

the cd is in stock and ready to start mailing right away and digital will be available on release date, and we just got word that the vinyl is shipping from our plant and we should have it in stock early next week, so we will take pre-orders now for vinyl and will ship them as soon as they arrive. go to the catalog page and start shopping please.

well, there is good news and bad news on the vinyl front. the good news is that both the Stars of the Lid reissues and the new Helen LP have finally shipped from pressing plants, the bad is that they are both set to arrive on the same day next week and that just makes the backlog of pre-orders even more difficult to deal with. suffice it to say that we will start mailing out pre-orders as soon as we receive the shipments on a first ordered-first shipped basis, and we will do everything within our power to get them all out the door as soon as possible and send each customer an email on the day their order is shipped. thank you for your patience.

we are pleased to announce the release of The Original Faces, the debut from Helen, a new trio formed by Liz Harris, Scott Simmons and Jed Bindeman. whatever context the three member's past or present musical endeavors might bring to mind, they should be trashed immediately as Helen is an entirely new thing. reminiscent of a certain part of the classic New Zealand weirdo pop sound of the 80's/90's and the more distorted portions of the early Creation label singles (you kids need to bone up on that stuff, you have no idea what yer missing) with a dose of 60's garage thrown in, Helen emits classic pop structures inhumed by reverb and raw fuzz, omitting the endless tweaking and polishing that takes the life out of so many current group recordings. this album is a blast of fresh air. official release date is september, we will start taking pre-orders now and start shipping them on august 31st.

as yet just one more example of how 'interesting' it is to get vinyl pressed these days, the krank050 and krank100 Stars of the Lid vinyl reissues have been slightly delayed. we were told back in may that these would ship from the pressing plant in early july. knowing that things can happen, we chose a mid-august release date thinking that would be a sufficient buffer against delays. wrong. we are now expecting to get them in our space here sometime the week of august 16th, and we will mail all pre-orders out as soon as we can. further updates as they come.

short update from the kranky laboratory of doom... after a much too long wait at the pressing plant, we finally have the Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972 2LP set back in stock and available for purchase.

this is the bestest news for all you Stars of the Lid fans: we are finally reissuing the two most recent albums on the 3LP vinyl format after both have been out of print for so many years we can't even count that high. the classic "Tired Sounds of..." and "And Their Refinement of the Decline" are both continually argued as being the best album in the SotL catalog, and we could make a strong case for either to receive that title. suffice it to say that both are essential listens and both should be essential elements of any modern music collection. unfortunately the price for these will be high as costs for printing, pressing and shipping have all soared since we last had these in stock, but that cost is small compared to the enjoyment of listening to these absolute gems. we will start taking pre-orders now here and will begin mailing copies the week before the august 14th rerelease date. better grab while the grabbing is good!

krank194 is the third solo missive from Ken Camden who also sparkles in the Implodes quartet. Dream Memory is a sublime and stratospheric melding of guitar, synth and wordless vocals that will transport you to a far away galaxy without leaving home. we finally got word that the vinyl has shipped from our pressing plant and should arrive here this friday the 12th, so order direct from kranky here now or from your fave retail store or digital outlet on monday the 15th of juno.

greetings post-may day revelers and revolutionaries, we hope it's sunny and pleasant wherever you are as it is here in krankyland. we will now start taking pre-orders for the new album by our stargazing kozmic kitten Honey Owens, aka Valet. entitled Nature, it is her first new work since a split 7" with Richard Youngs on the Root Strata label from way back when in 2010. her trademark ephemeral, fractured blues are still on full display along with a healthy dose of west coast psych sunbeams to lift your spirits and drop you gently back to terra firma. release date is may 25th and we start shipping mail orders on wednesday may 20th.

kranky kontinues to deliver the goods with the fifth album by Benoit Pioulard entitled Sonnet. krank193 is a temperate rain forest of sound, lush and verdant. release date is march 30th, we start shipping direct orders on march 25th.

after a seemingly endless ordeal, we finally have the krank157 A Winged Victory for the Sullen-s/t vinyl LP back in stock and available for purchase.

more new release info coming VERY SOON, you have been forewarned!

kranky starts the new year off right with a new album from chicago's finest rock band. krank192 Disappears-Irreal is full of hazy dub landscapes that harken back to the post-punk period when exploration of song form was in its prime. produced by John Congleton at famed chicago recording institution Electrical Audio, it’s a master class in texture, pace and control. we start mailing out direct orders on wednesday the 14th. PLEASE NOTE! the vinyl has been delayed, we expect it to arrive on or about release date of the 19th, and we will send those orders out as soon as it arrives.

it's friday! and with it this week comes glad tidings in the form of news that the krank176 Grouper-Dragging a Dead Deer... vinyl LP is back in stock after being unavailable for a few months, so have at it.

it's an extra fine day in krankyland when we can release a new loscil album. krank191 Sea Island is classic loscil; subtle, patient, forward moving compositions that will stimulate your alpha and theta state brain waves. available on the digital, CD and double LP formats, the official release date is 11.17.14, you can order directly from us here and we start mailing out orders on 11.11.14.

the new A Winged Victory for the Sullen album is now available for public consumption from your fave music store or digital retailer, or directly from kranky via mail order. the vinyl is on clear wax for all of you dorks out there that care about such things.

we will now begin taking orders for the krank189 Grouper-Ruins album which is scheduled for release on october 31st, we start shipping orders on october 27th.

PLEASE do not order other catalog items with your pre-order unless you are okay with us waiting to send all items together.

well this is something special, krank185 is the debut, self titled album by Anjou which is the pairing of Bobby Donne and Mark Nelson for the first time since their days together in Labradford. combining modular synthesis, Max/MSP programming and live instrumentation, they deftly weave noise with gentle ambience and melody with texture, creating subtle yet dynamic landscapes. available at our catalog page now, orders start shipping wednesday the 10th, digital available at your fave retailer on september 15th. PLEASE NOTE that we are still waiting on the arrival of the vinyl which may not be here until the middle of next week, vinyl orders should include a little patience.

on 10.06.14 we will be releasing krank190, the second A Winged Victory for the Sullen full length entitled Atomos. this work was created as a score for the Random Dance Company and founder Wayne McGregor for their latest production of the same name. Strings, piano, guitar and electronics are smartly combined to produce a weighty, elegiac symphony that will produce a most profound melancholy state in talented listeners. we are taking pre-orders now for the CD and 2LP formats which will be mailed the week before release date and the digital version will be available from your fave non-physical retailer on release date.

PLEASE do not order other catalog items with your pre-order unless you are okay with us waiting to send all items together.

it's a vinyl party here at kranky today as we received new pressings of krank102 Tim Hecker-Harmony in Ultraviolet 2LP, krank133 Deerhunter-Rainwater Cassette Exchange vinyl EP and krank138 Atlas Sound-Logos LP. all three of these have been unavailable for some time here and are now in stock again. so go to the catalog page and have a party of your own by ordering something today!

a quick missive to let you know that we have the Tim Hecker-Harmony in Ultraviolet 2LP set back in stock and ready for purchase. we are in the process of pressing a few other vinyl titles from the catalog that have been unavailable for some time as well as a few that have never been issued on vinyl previously. keep your eyes on this space for further developments.

ATTENTION! kranky is moving at the end of this month and we will be closed for business for an extended period of time. what this means to you, dear possible mail order customer, is that any orders received after may 15th will not be processed and mailed until the second week of june. we will be closed from may 17th through june 8th and hope to resume normal operations on june 9th. you may place mail orders during this period, but again, they will not be mailed until the second week of june. thank you for your understanding.

we recently received a return from one of our distributors that included some items that have been out of stock here for a while:

krank014 Bowery Electric - Beat CD
krank051 Pan•American - The River Makes No Sound 2LP
krank125 Windy & Carl - Songs for the Broken Hearted 2LP
krank162 Mirrorring - Foreign Body LP

if you are thinking you might want any of these titles in these formats, our advice would be to grab while the getting is good.

good news kids, the krank188 vinyl is shipping from the pressing plant this week and we should have them in stock on monday may 5th. if you have already ordered this item directly from us we should get it out the door within a few days of arrival here. sorry for the delay.

april 28th sees the release of krank188 A Winged Victory for the Sullen-Atomos VII EP which will be available ONLY as a vinyl or download release. this EP heralds the arrival of a new full length album later this year, a score for choreographer Wayne McGregor's long form dance piece of the same name. the title track is taken from the upcoming full length album, track 2 is an exclusive outtake from AWVftS?s debut album, and the final track is a remix of the title track by Ben Frost. we are having productions issues with the vinyl (it happens) but it should arrive here sometime around the april 28th release date and we will start shipping as soon as they arrive, but we are taking pre-orders now at the catalog page. the download version will be available from your favorite digital retailer on release date.

krank187 sees Christopher Bissonnette return for his first long player in more than five years, Essays in Idleness. but that time was well spent as he built his own modular analog synth and then set about recording and assembling this scintillating new work, managing to expand his scope by limiting his sound sources. is that a contradiction in terms? maybe semantically but certainly not philosophically. Chris applies his signature compositional style of using long held tones and sweeping drones fusing pure tonal transcendence with patient melodies that slowly reveal themselves. you can preview a track from the album at our soundcloud page and we start shipping mail order copies next wednesday the 2nd while the official release date is april 7th.

a number of people have inquired about the availability of posters from the recent 20th anniversary shows, and now that we have made sure all parties involved have received copies we have a relatively small number left to offer for sale. for just $25 postpaid ($30 to canada and $35 outside north america), you can have for your very own copy of the gorgeous silkscreened 18" x 24" poster designed by our art director Craig McCaffrey for the event mailed to you rolled up in a very sturdy cardboard tube to maintain freshness. to get yours, click here and purchase using your paypal account.

february 24th sees the release of the krank186 Christina Vantzou-Nº2 album. Perhaps a better title would be "Symphony Nº2" as it was composed as a cohesive whole, much like her first album "Nº1." Dense layers of strings are augmented by angelic voices, piano, woodwinds, & various synthesizers resulting in a stunningly gorgeous series of compositions. we start shipping copies immediately as we just got the vinyl version in stock, go to the always handy catalog page to order direct from kranky.

good news for modern man in the form of the krank130 Tim Hecker-An imaginary Country 2LP being available once again. as always, you can order this as well as all of our lovely catalog directly from kranky at the "catalog" page link above.

our first release of the new year is now available. krank184 Where Shine New Lights is the first new album from Tara Jane O'Neil since 2009, and the time spent is obvious upon first listen. this is an absolute gorgeous collection of patient, skeletal and intimate songs that we would declare is her finest to date. the release date is 01.27.14 and we start shipping mail order on wednesday the 22nd. there are two tracks to preview on the kranky soundcloud page, please take a listen.

PLEASE NOTE! there was a production error and some copies of the vinyl LP were shipped without a printed insert that should have been included. if you get a copy without this insert, you can print your own version by clicking on this link. we apologize for the error.

for the first time since the original release 20 years ago, we are issuing krank001 Labradford-Prazision on the 2LP vinyl format. the first release on kranky as well as the first full length from this hugely influential group, this is a landmark recording. newly remastered and with all new artwork, it is now available for your analog enjoyment once again.

VINYL RESTOCKS - we just got new pressings for the following, order at will:
krank161 Tim Hecker-Dropped Pianos EP
krank164 Disappears-Pre Language LP
krank166 Lotus Plaza-Spooky Action at a Distance LP

more vinyl restocks coming soon including krank015 Stars of the Lid-The Ballasted Orchestra 2LP.

big doings here at kranky over the next six weeks as we have two Tim Hecker releases to release, so we are going to start taking pre-orders now:

on september 16th we will be issuing Tim's classic 2004 album Mirages on vinyl for the first time. krank181 is a double LP set in a pretty gatefold sleeve, you need it. due to some poor timing on our part, we will not be able to start mailing copies out until the release date.

on october 14th we will be issuing Tim's all new Virgins album, the follow up to the universally acclaimed Ravedeath, 1972. the buzz is already building after the preview track 'Virginal II' was previewed last week by almost every internet media presence that matters. we begin taking pre-orders now, and all mail orders will be sent the week before release starting on october 9th.

go to the catalog page or album pages to get yours now before they are gone!

NOW READY FOR PRE-ORDER: the fourth annual report from chicago's best rock band is ready to be unleashed. krank182 Disappears-Era is another dense slab of scintillating sound. whisperinandhollerin had this to say recently: "It’s not a shiny new penthouse, but a crumbling high-rise repurposed as a morgue for the city’s dead souls and a harrowing conclusion to a staggeringly intense work. Put simply, this album is fucking incredible. Album of the year." well now, couldn't have said it better myself. go here to pre-order this on CD and LP directly from kranky, we start shipping orders on wednesday august 21st, and it will be available at your preferred digital retailer and mom and pop store on the release date of august 26th.

NOW AVAILABLE! krank180 Ken Camden-Space Mirror is an astounding collection of aural space explorations allowing the listener to be suspended in a gravity free environment. the chicago reader said this for a show preview this week: "On the absorbing new Space Mirror, he collides ethereal swoops, cycling riffs, and synth-toned arpeggios, which interlock to form hypnotizing constellations of sound and movement. On Moon a tambouralike drone grounds several layers of independently looping notes, which hover somewhere between the quivering of a theremin and the steady shimmer of an E-bow; on Eta Carinae Camden arranges airy melodic fragments that sound like they were played on a Mellotron atop glassy synth stabs wobbling with tremolo." we are issuing this on all three relevant formats, the CD and LP are available for immediate purchase and shipment here and the digital will be up for sale at your fave retailer next week.

NEW RELEASE! continuing kranky's never ending quest to produce new works from new artists we present the debut album from Justin Walter. Perhaps best known as the trumpet player in NOMO, here he delivers an enthralling mix of trumpet, percussion, electronics and EVI (electronic valve instrument), the last a somewhat obscure breath controlled analog device. Peel Apart had this to say in their review: "There is a jarring restlessness that grapples, tosses and turns on Walter's music, sounds caught in the nocturnal grasp between blissful reveries and palpitating terror."

and just to make your day even better, we have just repressed a number of out of print vinyl titles, including the two Keith Fullerton Whitman vinyl LP only releases from 2004 that have been unavailable for years:
krank059 Stars of the Lid-Avec Laudenum LP
krank064 Keith Fullerton Whitman-Antithesis LP
krank065 Pan•American-Quiet City LP
krank071 Keith Fullerton Whitman-Shöner Flußengel LP
all of the above are now available for purchase via mail order at our catalog page.

AVAILABLE NOW! the first new album from Mark Nelson and company in three plus years arrives on april 29th. krank175 Cloud Room, Glass Room is a resonant listen that ranks with the best of Pan•American's catalog , and it also features bassist Robert Donne of Labradford. Adhoc had this to say while previewing the album: "Cloud Room, Glass Room is Pan•American's first album in four years, and sees the addition of percussionist Steven Hess, providing that intangible human element that keeps largely electronic compositions from feeling too cold. Lead track, "Project For an Apartment Building," features a muted yet fervent percussive backbone only a couple of steps removed from classic jungle breaks, while pulsing, cycling aquatic synth melodies swirl about, in almost mathematical fashion-- a canvernous and monlothic sonic space. Evoking images of distant lights and hypnagogic states, Pan•American offers up one of the best, most aerodynamic late night meditation anthems of the year."

mail order copies are available via the catalog page and start shipping immediately, while retail and digital copies can be had on release next week.

more good news for Grouper fans as we now have the krank176 Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill LP back in stock and ready for purchase.

good news for Grouper vinyl fans as we now have the krank177 The Man Who Died in His Boat LP back in stock and ready for purchase. it will be a few more weeks before we get more of the krank176 Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill LP back in stock, we will post news about that as soon as we have some news to post.

Now available for your aural pleasure is the second album by heavy chicago quartet Implodes. krank174 Recurring Dream is a dense forest of psychedelic swirl and drone, Drowned in Sound had this to say about the first album and it still applies here: "Black Earth isn't a record you listen to, it's a hole you fall into." release date is april 1st, available to order now at our catalog page, we start shipping orders on wednesday the 27th.

ALSO, we recently got new vinyl pressings in for krank035 Low-Secret Name 2LP and krank123 Benoit Pioulard-Precis/Temper 2LP, so if you have been seeking to order those, they are now available once again.

never fear Grouper fans, we should have the vinyl versions of both of the recent albums back in stock in the next two weeks

more new release info coming next week

kranky is set to release the new Benoit Pioulard album on march 4th, and we will start taking pre-orders now on both LP and CD formats. Stereogum had this to say previewing the first track released from the album: "'Margin' is abruptly bookended with static and fractured sounds, making it sound like some long-lost broadcast from an ancient radio station. It's an aesthetic Pioulard/Meluch has developed during his long time on Kranky. Stripped down yet elegant, if 'Margin' is any sign of what's to come, Hymnal will be appropriately named." you can listen to that track here:, and pre-order the album at our catalog page. release date is march 4, and orders will start shipping on february 27th.

PLEASE NOTE!!! postage prices in the u.s.a. are increasing on the 27th of january, about 10% on domestic packages but drastic increases for orders leaving the country. for example, it had been costing us $8.30 to send a single 2LP set to canada, and $16.30 to europe. the new charges will be $14.75 to canada and $22.30 to europe. we think price increases this large are ridiculous, but there is obviously nothing we can do about it and we have had to adjust our prices accordingly. for the moment we are holding the line on domestic prices except on vinyl LP which are going up slightly.

we are very sorry to do this as we know it will hurt our mail order business for foreign customers, but we have no choice.

MORE!!! in GOOD news, we can now start selling the two new Grouper titles on vinyl again, go to the catalog page to order direct from kranky. we start shipping these two new Grouper titles on january 30th.

we are going to discontinue taking pre-orders for the two upcoming Grouper vinyl LP titles at least until release date. we have been overwhelmed with pre-orders, and we have to make sure we can fill all of the distribution and mail orders we already have before resuming sales. we expect to resume taking orders for these two vinyl LP titles on or around the release date of 02.07.13, sorry for any inconvenience.

just to be clear, these two releases will NOT be limited on vinyl and they will remain in print, so please remain calm and you will get as many copies as you like in short order.

something old and something new to begin the new year. as to something old...

krank015 Stars of the Lid-The Ballasted Orchestra 2LP has been out of print for about a decade now. the vinyl has been remastered, the artwork has been updated, and you still get the 9 minutes of extra material that is not on the CD version.

and for the new...

krank173 Opus 2 is the second full length for west coast composer Tim Gray recording under the Ethernet moniker. meditative and reflective electronic soundscapes that have been meticulously constructed for deep listening. pitchfork had this to say when previewing the track "Correction" recently: "It works in direct opposition to most ambient output, foregoing a dip into instant tranquility by requiring listeners to put in work to find its anesthetized center. Gray's mastery of restraint and patience is impressive, especially as there are palpable melodies cut just below the bank of surface-level vapors that cloak the track throughout."

physical copies of the above (and everything else we do) can be had by visiting our catalog page, release date for both is january 7th, and we start mailing out copies from here on wednesday january 2nd.

PRE-ORDERS! we are making the following items available for pre-order, starting with the reissue of Stars of the Lid's first kranky release on the 2LP format. krank015 The Ballasted Orchestra has been unavailable on vinyl for about a decade now, and it has been newly remastered and artwork updated. this has a release date of 01.07.13 and we start shipping orders on the 2nd of january.

next up we have the LP/CD reissue of Grouper's breakthrough 2008 album Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, which has been unavailable on all physical formats for the last few years. the official release date for krank176 is 02.04.13 and we will start shipping orders on january 30th.

and if the above were not enough good news, on the same day we will also be issuing an entire Grouper album of unreleased material recorded during the same time as the DDD album. krank177 The Man Who Died in His Boat LP/CD is no mere odds and ends collection, but is at the least DDD's equal in quality. release date for this is also 02.04.13 with orders shipping beginning on january 30th.

click on the catalog page link to order these and all of our releases direct, our quick and efficient mail order department will be glad to service you.

PLEASE NOTE we will be taking a brief vacation to extend the long thanksgiving holiday weekend, we will be closed between the dates of november 22nd and november 28th. no mail orders will be going out during these dates, although you are welcome to order anytime and our ever efficient mail order department will ship your order after we resume business on november 29th.

the first half of 2013 is shaping up as we write, and there are some exciting new releases to be announced soon, so stay tuned and check our facebook page for more frequent news updates.

our last release of 2012 is the second kranky album by Steve Hauschildt entitled Sequitur, which follows his Tragedy and Geometry release from exactly one year ago. krank172 is full of dense and lush retro-futurist soundscapes executed using a stunning array of synthesizers and vocals processed by vocoder that reveal his contributions to Emeralds as well as his evolving strengths as a solo artist.

we start shipping mail order copies out on wednesday the 7th, and official release date is 11.12.12 for those who prefer going to your local store or buying digitally. as always, go to the catalog page to get a copy directly from us.

we continue our relentless onslaught of exhilarating new releases with krank169 Oren Ambarchi and Robin Fox-Connected. Originally composed as a soundtrack for the renowned Australian dance company Chunky Move's production of the same name, the sound is a powerful mix of guitar, electronics and percussion producing an extraordinary work ranging from pointillist minimalism to great slabs of slo-motion power chords.

release date for this is october 22nd, go to our catalog page to get your copy.

we had a bit of a surprise earlier this year when jessica bailiff contacted us and said she had a new album she wanted us to hear. we had no idea she had even been working on an album, let alone had one completed, her last full length release being Feels Like Home from mid-2006 . when we finally got a chance to listen, we were rewarded with arguably the finest work of her career. you can check out the opening track here on soundcloud, official release date is october 1st, and our mail order department starts shipping copies immediately.

kranky is proud to continue our long association with vancouver artist scott morgan, aka loscil. his sixth full length continues his tradition of delivering subtle and thought provoking soundscapes, beautifully and meticulously assembled. you can check out a prime track on our soundcloud page. official release date is september 10th for digital and physical sales, but you can order your copy direct from kranky via mail order now and we will start mailing copies on wednesday the 5th.

it has been eons since kranky has done a reissue, but krank167 Dreamscape-LaDiDa Recordings has been on our "to do" list for quite some time. very little info exists for the early 90's UK trio; a scant recorded catalog, a single blurry live photo, a few press clippings in lesser known music zines of the time. this LP and CD release compiles the two four song EPs they recorded for the LaDiDa label, one issued in 1992, and one recorded but never released. as a bonus, the last track is a demo of a new song that never made it to a proper studio session. if you are a fan of the works of Lush and Cocteau Twins, then this should be your new fave listen, check out the opening track at soundcloud. official release date is monday the 20th for digital and physical sales, but you can go here to order your copy direct from our ever efficient mail order department now, and we will start mailing out copies on wednesday the 22nd.

As many of you are aware, Tom Carter recently became seriously ill while Charalambides was on tour in Europe, and has been hospitalized in Germany since. Artistically and spiritually, Tom is one of the most amazing people we have ever had the pleasure to work with. More information as well as a link to a charitable donation page to offset Tom's medical and personal expenses can be found here:

kranky will not be releasing a benefit album or organizing any benefit events for this fund, but will rather be making a direct donation and we urge you to do the same. We feel that this route will benefit Tom more quickly and more efficiently.

PLEASE NOTE!!! the kranky offices will be entirely closed between the dates of thursday june 6th and friday june 15th. no mail orders will go out during this time, but you are welcome to place orders during this period and can expect your package to be shipped soon after we return. we will resume normal operations on monday june 18th. thank you.

the second album from uk trio Felix is entitled Oh Holy Molar. krank165 is a bewitching listen of minimal chamber pop fronted by the oblique tales of Lucinda Chua. this record certainly has teeth, and sharp ones at that. this is available immediately for mail order and at your preferred digital retailer next week.

and in what will surely be a rare sighting on these shores, Felix will be opening for Yann Tiersen on a limited number of dates here in the states starting next week in philadelphia:

04/26 at transfer [philadelphia]
04/27 at irving plaza [new york]
04/28 at music hall of williamsburg [brooklyn]
04/29 at royal boston [boston]
05/01 at metropolis [montreal]
05/02 at phoenix theatre [toronto]
05/03 at beachland ballroom [cleveland]
05/04 at metro [chicago]
05/05 at first ave [minneapolis]

krank168 is the first CD issue of Grouper's A I A (subtitled Dream Loss and Alien Observer) twin vinyl LP release from 2011, which is currently out of print on that format. i don't think anyone needs any breathless prose from these quarters about Grouper, suffice it to say that Liz Harris has created an exquisite sonic universe where she is the sole inhabitant. the official release date for this double CD set is april 16th, and we start shipping mail order copies next wednesday the 11th, available here via paypal.

up next on our sizzling spring schedule is the sophomore solo album from Deerhunter guitarist/ songwriter Lockett Pundt. Spooky Action at a Distance is a wide angle view of what should be the zeitgeist of contemporary guitar pop, full of pop smarts and irresistible hooks. you can preview a track and a strong recommendation here. ready to order now via paypal, mail orders start shipping wednesday the 28th. available at your fave store and digitally the first week of april.

our next 2012 release is krank162, the debut release by Mirrorring, the duo of Jesy Fortino, better known as Tiny Vipers, and Liz Harris who works under the Grouper moniker. Foreign Body is a collection of slowly progressing, spectral melodies that are already receiving high praise from the critosphere, even from the hard to please. we start mailing out copies on wednesday the 14th but are taking orders here starting now.

we just got some old favorites in the kranky clothing department back in stock, as well as some new items. apparently prices on cotton have skyrocketed since we last stocked up on t-shirts and hoodies, but we have eaten some of that cost on the t-shirts and they have only gone up $1. we did take advantage of some year end sales pricing on the hoodies, so we actually managed to hold the line on prices there, lucky you. we have a new slogan to go along with our two most recent faves, so click on the link at the bottom right to see the complete line.

monday the 27th is the official release date for the new Disappears album. krank164 Pre Language is the first album Steve Shelley plays on after joining the group a little more than a year ago. what has not changed is the hard driving, straight ahead, minimalist approach the group uses. available now directly from kranky via mail order and next week from digital retailers.

our first release of the new year is krank163 from Windy & Carl. their new album is called "We Will Always Be" and it's a classic in their own inimitable style of headspace sound drift and poignancy. available on gatefold 2LP and mini-gatefold CD directly from us here NOW, and from your favorite digital retailer on the official release date of 02.14.12.

i certainly wouldn't call it a holiday miracle or anything, but we FINALLY have the krank157 A Winged Victory for the Sullen vinyl LP in stock and ready to ship. an utterly ridiculous series of events made this the most lengthy and frustrating manufacturing process we have ever suffered through. please go to the catalog page to get your copy now. thank you.

VINYL NEWS: we finally have the Tim Hecker-Dropped Pianos title available on vinyl and ready to ship, order away at our catalog page.

vinyl update: we finally have some belated good news regarding the krank161 Tim Hecker-Dropped Pianos LP and the krank157 A Winged Victory For the Sullen LP. the former should be available in the next two weeks, we will put it up for sale as soon as it is available. the latter may be a month away, but at least we know that it will be pressed in the near future.

it is with great pleasure that we release the first proper solo album from Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt. krank160 Tragedy & Geometry is a gorgeous, flowing, free floating world of post-kosmische musik. spin magazine said in a preview "It's a visceral display of synth prowess that makes exhilarating use of contrasting textures and subtle dynamics." official release date is 11.14.11, but you can order direct from the ever efficient kranky mail order department now on the CD and 2LP formats, and we will start sending out orders on wednesday the 9th.

yet another special day arrives on 10.24.11 as that is the official release date for krank159 Christina Vantzou-No.1 CD. being one half of the sorely missed The Dead Texan, her solo debut is an instant classic of neo-classical minimalism, recorded in conjunction with the Magik*Magik Orchestra, and full of mournful melancholy melodies that will thrill fans of Stars of the Lid and Dead Texan. you can order direct from us here and we will start mailing out copies immediately, and you can order digital copies on or about the release date from your favorite digital retailer.

due to the endless production delays with the krank157 A Winged Victory For the Sullen vinyl LP, we have canceled and refunded all pre-orders since we still do not have an estimated arrival date at this time. so instead of fielding endless questions and refund requests one by one, we thought it best to do this now and anyone still interested when we get finished copies can reorder it then. we apologize for this comedy of errors, trust us, it has been and continues to be anything less than ulcer inducing.

now available for pre-order, krank161 Tim Hecker-Dropped Pianos is an extended play of sketch pieces recorded in preparation for the critically accliamed Ravedeath, 1972 album. fascinating simply as a peek into the working process, that these pieces stand on their own as compelling soundworks is a testament to Tim Hecker's supreme talent. pre-orders available now, although not for the vinyl as we are currently unsure of arrival date. we will start mailing copies the first week of october.

the new Charalambides album is set for release on 10.03.11, and we will start shipping out mail order copies this coming wednesday the 28th. it's their first new album in 5 years, and may be their deepest listen yet. you can get yours directly via our ever efficient mail order department here.

disaster has befallen the krank157 vinyl LP and at this point we have no idea if or when we will have finished copies. we took pre-orders on the basis of some assurances that finished copies would be here now, but that has not happened. we will stop taking pre-orders for now, and anyone who wants a refund for an order already placed should send an email to Send email and request it and we will oblige. news updated as soon as we have any.

endless delays have befallen the A Winged Victory For the Sullen krank157 vinyl LP. we thought it would arrive this week, but alas it did not happen and it looks like another two weeks will pass before it does arrive. we will still take pre-orders for this item, but be aware that an actual ship date is not available at this time. sorry for any disappointment.

PRE-ORDER!!! we now have available for pre-order the debut self-titled release from A Winged Victory For the Sullen. AWVFTS is the collaboration between Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid, Dead Texan, Aix Em Klemm) and pianist/composer Duston O'Halloran (albums on FatCat, Bella Union, Filter...). Stunningly gorgeous miniature symphonies composed of piano and guitar with orchestral accompaniment that fans of either member's work will be thrilled with. release date is september 12th, all pre-orders will be mailed the week before that date. this title is available in europe from the Erased Tapes label.

after being unavailable for various lengths of time, we have repressed all four Low vinyl titles and they are now available for mail order. click on the "catalog" link at the top of the page to order via paypal.

just a quick note to say that the kranky offices will be closed from july 18th through july 22nd and that no mail orders will ship during this period. you may still place orders during this week, but they will not be mailed until monday july 25th. thank you.

some good news on the vinyl front, we have both the krank154 Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972 2LP and the krank059 Stars of the Lid-Avec Laudenum LP back in stock on vinyl.

our final release of the spring bursts forth in the form of the debut album from chicago quartet Implodes, fittingly entitled Black Earth. it's dense, heavy and darkly beautiful. for more waxing poetic, Stereogum had a lovely preview a while back. the official release date is 04.20.11, but we start shipping mail order copies on monday the 11th, order here.

NOW AVAILABLE! It has been a long five years since Belong released their debut album October Language, but that time has been well spent painstakingly assembling their stunning new Common Era album. Trebuchet Magazine had this to say in reviewing the album: "Though I'd have a hard time explaining precisely why, there's something stunning about Common Era, amazing considering its constituent parts. Though essentially simple, this album is not only effective, but highly affecting, incorporating moments of heavenly beauty and crushing weight into a masterful experiment in melody."

official release date is 03.21.11 but we start shipping mail orders on monday the 14th, so get yours here now.

we FINALLY received our shipment of Tim Hecker vinyl today. however, we have such a backlog of mail orders that it will take a few days to get that cleared up. all orders should be in the mail by monday at the latest and hopefully by end of the day friday the 25th. thank you for your patience.

it is with genuine pleasure that we release Ravedeath, 1972, the third kranky album from Tim Hecker, one of the giants in the world of electronic (for lack of a more accurate reductivist moniker) sound. the CD version is ready for immediate purchase and shipping via paypal from our ever efficient mail order department, and the digital version will be available from your favorite retailer next week.

the vinyl version has been delayed, but we hope to have that ready to ship in two weeks, updates forthcoming. if you would like to pre-order the vinyl 2LP version, you can do so here and we will ship as soon as we get it in the warehouse. PLEASE do not pre-order the vinyl with any other item, if you would like to order something else in addition to the new Tim Hecker on vinyl, please do so in a separate order so we can ship those items immediately. sorry for any confusion.

for immediate release: the new Disappears album Guider is ready to ship for mail order customers ahead of the official 01.17.11 release date. The Stranger had this to say about the first album Lux, and it applies to the new one also: "Really, there isn't anything shockingly new about the band's sound; they just sound better than 99% of the bands out there. The balance of distortion, delay, reverb, and tremolo permeating this record is the kind of alchemy a musician can spend his whole life trying to master." yup, that about sums it up. go to the catalog page to get yours, we start shipping monday the 10th.

we FINALLY have the new krank152 Pan•American-For Waiting, For Chasing in stock on the vinyl LP format. we have never had such a hard time with production of any title in our entire existence. it's available NOW via paypal here.

we have news about new releases in the new year!

krank151 Guider is the second studio album from chicago quartet Disappears and will see release on LP / CD / digital on the 17th of january. Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune had this to say about their first album Lux in his best of 2010 post this week: "A freight train of swarming guitars riding relentless beats, and vocals that manage to stay deadpan even as all hell is breaking loose. The production is border-line anarchic, murky and foreboding. If you're a stickler for cleanliness, stay away."

following that will be the krank154 Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972 album which will be available on 2LP / CD / digital on february 14th. recorded this fall in a church in Iceland with comrade Ben Frost assisting, not to be missed.

the final bit of info for the moment is the krank155 Belong-Common Era LP / CD / digital which will be unleashed on march 21st. it has been five years since this new orleans duo has delivered an album, and this will be a revelation for fans and newcomers alike.

there are a few more spring and summed releases in the works, more info to come.

just a quick note to let you know that we have the Atlas Sound-Let the Blind... 2LP set back in stock and ready for purchase. more news on upcoming releases soon...

kranky wear back in stock! we now have all the current sizes/slogans/styles back in stock and ready for shipment. and it's that time of year to start bundling up, so our classic Hanes heavy duty hoodies might be the smart seasonal choice as well as the perfect holiday gift. if you look to the right and down you will see the link leading you to descriptions and paypal ordering links.

our final release of this calendar year is the first u.s. issue of the Pan•American-For Waiting, For Chasing album originally issued by the german Mosz label in 2006. some nice words from an XLR8R review upon the initial release, wherein they gave it that rarest of ratings 10/10: "A captivating long-player that defies the archetypal ambient template. There is some thoroughly mystical programming and an array of acoustic instruments at work here, making this is by far Pan•American's most inspired and complex effort."

this is also going to be the first LP release of this album, but there has been a series of disasters in the vinyl production and that has been delayed. we hope to have that ready in a few weeks, so keep an eye on this space for news. mail orders for the CD version start shipping on monday the 8th, you can get a copy by heading to the catalog page.

the fantabulous Low will be doing a brief Christmas tour which will showcase songs from their classic holiday album as well as hits old and new.

the dates:
Sat 11/27/10 Cedar Cultural Center Minneapolis MN
Fri 12/10/10 The Tractor Tavern Seattle WA
Sat 12/11/10 Mississippi Studios Portland OR
Tue 12/14/10 Great American Music Hall San Francisco CA
Wed 12/15/10 Spaceland Los Angeles CA
Fri 12/17/10 Kilby Court Salt Lake City UT
Sat 12/18/10 Larimer Lounge Denver CO

and of course you can purchase their Christmas album at our catalog page, including on the vinyl format for the first time.

a quick little update to let you know that we have the Deerhunter-Microcastle/Weird Era Cont. double vinyl LP back in stock and ready to ship.

same goes for the Lichens-Omns CD/DVD set, which has been unavailable for quite some time here.

it's always a supreme pleasure and honor to release any new sounds from the two gentlemen in Stars of the Lid, in this case Brian McBride's new album, The Effective Disconnect. these compositions were assembled as the soundtrack to the film "Vanishing of the Bees," but they are just as powerful without the visuals attached. Boomkat has this to say: "McBride's remarkable slow-motion orchestration remains a powerful force - something that's much imitated by the current generation of ambient and modern classical artists. There's nothing quite like the real thing though."

as a double bonus kind of release day, we also now have for the first time on vinyl LP Low's holiday classic Christmas release. now we aren't in the habit of listening to too much xmas music, except for some melancholy r&b classics, as most of it is simply saccharine, crass commercialism. but Low transcended the genre with this release, containing five originals and three covers, including the most amazing version of "Little Drummer Boy" you will ever hear. this comes in a gorgeous full gatefold jacket to boot.

official release date for these two is october 25th, but you can order now and we will begin shipping orders on tuesday the 19th.

we are as pleased as a cup of punch to release the third full length from one of the recent label stalwarts, Benoit Pioulard. Lasted shows Monsieur Pioulard in exceptionally fine form, offering a unique combination of acoustic balladry, field recordings, fuzzed out drone-ology and haunted soundspace. official release date is october 11, but we will start shipping mail order copies on monday october 4 so order away.

monday the 6th sees the release of the third Boduf Songs full length. something new here is the judicious use of electric guitar and some stomping bass and drums on a few tracks, which perfectly augment Mat Sweet's trademark understated compositions. this release will be available here from us on the vinyl LP format only, as well as from your preferred digital outlet.

today being the magic number day of 8-9-10, we figured we would provide a long overdue update on news here.

firstly, we will be CLOSED for the week of august 22-28 for a much needed rest. NO MAIL ORDERS WILL GO OUT THIS DURING THIS WEEK! you are welcome to order items from our website, just be aware that they will not be mailed until monday the 30th at the earliest.

in more interesting news, our first fall release is soon to hit the pavement, on september 6th to be precise. krank144 Boduf Songs-This Alone Above All Else In Spite Of Everything is the third full length release from Mr. Boduf and he drops a few surprises in to keep everyone alert. this will be available on the vinyl LP and digital formats only, and we will begin shipping mail order copies purchased at our website a week before release date.

after that will come new releases from Benoit Pioulard, Brian McBride, as well as the first u.s. and first vinyl issue of the Pan•American-For Waiting, For Chasing album, and the first vinyl issue of the Low-Christmas album. stay tuned for more details...

on their recent tour, disappears stopped by radio k in minneapolis and played a few new songs. stream the session here.

our good friends in godspeed you ! black emperor have something to say

Our final spring 2010 release is about to be unleashed on a suspecting world. The Disappears-Lux might be the hardest rocking thing we have ever done, but it still fits in with the kranky aesthetic, because at the core it is minimalist head music. they will be on the road quite a bit in the next few months, check the events page for updates and go see them in person as they do not disappoint in the live setting. we start shipping mail order copies on monday the 5th, so go get yours now at the catalog page.

finally! a whole slew of people have been asking about men's t-shirts for a while, and we now have a trustworthy supplier and should no longer have much trouble keeping them in stock. and u.s. customers can get one delivered to your door for the low low price of only $13 postpaid! cheap!

as an added bonus, we now have hoodies! for the moment these only come in men's sizes S, M and L in the pullover style, high quality, heavy duty Hanes shirts.

we don't really make any money off of the sales of these items, we cover the cost of having them printed and add postage and that's it. we figure if you are willing to sport the kranky logo, we are glad to subsidize that noble idea.

we just got the debut Ken Camden album in stock on vinyl, and it's what we want, just when you need it. in a short blurb last week on the Vice website, they state: "Ken Camden's 'Raagini Robot' sounds a bit like how automotons will probably try and re-interpret Kraftwerk in 100 years time." ummm... okay, a bit obtuse but it should get your music glands salivating. available now at the catalog page on vinyl ONLY and from your preferred digital retailer next week.

our good friends Felix recently did a live session in Wales for the website, and it's pretty amazing. a great recording space, outstanding production values, and of course the extraordinary talent of the group make this a must-watch. three songs are available to watch here including an all new track, Oh Thee 73, that just slays.

we finally have the new Jonas Reinhardt album ready for purchase. we're a few days late with this one as we have had the proverbial nightmare with the vinyl LP production, but we should be receiving that on thursday this week and will start mailing copies that day, so we are ready to roll. CD orders will start mailing immediately. so go here now to get yours.

the first of our 2010 releases is now available for mail order, we start shipping tomorrow. krank141 loscil-Endless Falls is everything you have come to expect from Scott Morgan and more, and for the first time ever for a loscil release you can purchase this on the vinyl format in the form of a gatefold jacketed 2LP set. sweet...

go to our catalog page to order.

ahhh... 2010 is here, hard to believe. but it's a positive thing for the enlightened music fan who patrols this somewhat obscure site looking for news, and good news there is in the form of fresh information on some of our spring 2010 releases.

on march 1st we will release Endless Falls, the fifth album from longtime kranky kompatriot Scott Morgan under the loscil moniker. since his first album Triple Point was released on kranky in late 2001, Scott has built a strong following for his distinct sound that blurs the lines between modern classical, minimal techno, ambient and whatever other less than ideal tags you want to attach to his sonic creations. of special note is a guest vocal appearance from Daniel Bejar of Destroyer on the final track, a first for any loscil work. this will also be the first time a loscil album has been released on vinyl, a double LP package with two extra tracks not appearing on any digital version. Scott's most recent release was the Strathcona Variations EP on the Ghostly International label, a digital* only title that is certainly worthy of your attention. we will start taking orders and shipping copies of Endless Falls a week before release date.

come march 15th, kranky issues the second Jonas Reinhardt full length, Powers of Audition. the instrumentation from his debut album expands here to include acoustic drum patterns, guitars, and woodwinds alongside synthesizers and electronics, and gives you a better idea of what his live shows the last few years have been about. don't worry, there is still the heavy krautrock vibe that made his first album so memorable. this album will be available for mail order about a week before release date right here, on both the CD and single LP formats, as well as being available on release date from your preferred digital* retailer.

march is a busy month for us and it ends with the debut from chicago artist Ken Camden on march 29th. Lethargy & Repercussion is an expansive meditation at the outer edges of what can be done with one person playing a guitar live. he layers his fretwork in instrumental compositions that seamlessly meld elements of modern composition, kosmische musik, eastern modal themes and academic electronic works; in other words, a good amount of the things we love here at kranky. Robert Fripp meets Raymond Scott? god we hate those musical equations as much as anyone, but we figured we would give you some vague, succinct hint of what happens here as you will find little mention of Ken's name via google. this release will be a first for kranky as it is being made available only on the vinyl LP and digital* formats.

our final spring release will be Disappears' Lux, the debut studio album by chicago's finest working rock band, unleashed on april 12th. this quartet draws on a combined reverence for reverb, heavy tremolo, distortion, delay and repetition, playing minimal rock music inspired by krautrock, punk rock, the mid 80's New Zealand scene, and a bit of everything in between. think four chords. think switchblades. think three chords. think black boots. crikey, think only one chord for the title track! in other words, it'll kick your musical ass. lovingly offered on the LP and CD formats and via teh internets from your favored digital* supplier.

*and we don't mean an unauthorized download kids, please have mercy on us and the artists. no one is getting rich here, and we treat our artists more than fairly, you can ask any of them you happen to run across. there is no moral argument to be made regarding taking something you do not own.